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H&M Unofficially Launching
U.S. E-Commerce In August

Can it really be true?
Reports of H&M's online shopping site have been frustratingly inaccurate over the past couple of years. It should have started earlier this year, but didn't. We all want H&M to get it right the first time when they finally open up their online store, but fed up with constant delays, our friends at Glam.com decided to simply tweet at the Swedish retailer and ask them directly what the deal was? In a pleasant surprise, H&M's Twitter responded within 24 hours with the news that e-commerce will begin in August which, assuming they mean August 2013, could mean that within two to six weeks you will be able to order online from the fast-fashion chain. That's in plenty of time for the November launch of the Isabel Marant pour H&M collaboration collection, and the launch should also hopefully make the new H&M home collection available to more U.S. shoppers.

Of course, a tweet  is not exactly an official press release, but it does come from an official source, so feel free to be optimistic about not having to wait in line to get ahold of the next designer collaboration.

H&M Answers Our E-Commerce Pleas! (Glam.com)


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