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J.Mendel Stands Up To The Heat

Do you know what it's like when it's around 95° and humid outs and the air conditioning in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week tents starts to fail? It's not pretty. The cheery reps in the sponsor booths start to loose their spark, the showgoers start to get irritable and even more self important than usual and the afternoon DJ up above the concourse just looks ridiculous when he pumps his fist (well, maybe that part isn't from the heat). Much has been written this season, particularly in the New York Times fashion blog sections about just how distasteful and irrelevant the Lincoln Center tents have become, which is especially tough to argue against when everyone starts sweating and even the free VitaminWater is all warm. We have already seen one sweaty presentation this season, and we didn't want to see any heat addled models stumbling down the runway with their makeup running. Luckily, the show tents were still cooled when The Shophound got to the J.Mendel show this afternoon, and the show was on point, although the lightweight fur pieces that designer Gilles Mendel always includes in his Spring collections were a little hard to appreciate what with the sun beating down outside. Otherwise, the show was a pleasure as always with Mendel's signature intricate constructions outlined in pieced lace and a mix of fabric that added texture but still reflected the sleek, architectural silhouettes that have taken hold for next season. See the show's final look above, and have a look at some more looks from the show in our gallery below.
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