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H&M Snaps Back To Form As Isabel Marant Collaboration Sells Swiftly

Those of you who thought you might take it easy and wait for the crowds to pass on to shop H&M's Isabel Marant collaboration, like you might have last year with the Maison Martin Margiela team-up, will be disappointed. A more accessible designer with a loyal cult following did the trick for the Swedish chain yesterday morning as the barricaded sections that featured the collection within H&M's twelve Manhattan stores were dramatically diminished by midday yesterday. While the Margiela line didn't click with H&M's customer, and wound up on sale in abundance only a few weeks later, Marant's eclectic lineup of signature looks from her runways checked quickly even though as company expanded the line's distribution even further than in past seasons. Our random check of a few H&M's yesterday (SoHo, Columbus Circle pictured above) showed that her first menswear offerings were even more sold-through than the women's line. Shoes and accessories were particularly scarce in stores, and it is unlikely that there will be enough goods to display prominently by the end of today. Congratulations to H&M for returning to form in one of its most significant marketing efforts.

Of course, this is the first time that these collaborations have been available online in the U.S., and another random chack this morning showed some sell-outs, mostly broken sizes, but, on the whole a reasonable amount of availability on most items, so you may not have completely missed the boat yet. There's still some time to buy online, but don't dawdle.

Isabel Marant pour H&M (Shop online)


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