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One thing about New York Fashion Week compared to other cities is that it is still conservative in some ways. While bared breasts might not be so notable in Milan or Paris, in New York, they are still something of an anomaly, at least when they are on purpose, Every now and then, an errant nipple will make a run for it out of a plunging neckline, but when Transylvanian designer Dorin Negrau's model came down the runway earlier today in an open jacket over a leather underbust corset there was no question about where your eyes were meant to be directed. It is a fairly unusual sight on New York's catwalks, especially at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tents, but, there they were as a fairly nonplussed looking model. snaked her way through the multi-runway configuration of Lincoln Center's new Pavilion tent. Whether the designer's Dracula-inspired New York debut collection will make an impact remains to be seen. It's tough when the top editors and buyers are most likely on their way down to Tribeca to see Calvin Klein Collection, but perhaps the talk of bare breasts will get them to take a look at the show. It's tough to create awareness when there are a couple hundred shows during Fashion Week and you are coming all the way from Romania, but when in doubt, a few boobs will always get at least a little bit of extra attention. Have a look at the collection (including the NSFW version of the shot above) in the gallery after the jump

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