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23zCRITICAL2-master675In today's Thursday Styles, this week's Critical Shopper, Alexandra Jacobs seems mildly impressed with Trademark, the debut boutique from the sisters Pookie and Louisa Burch who are apparently required to be identified as the daughters of J. Christopher Burch. Mr. Burch is , of course known as the man behind the successful C.Wonder chain and the somewhat less well-fared Monika Chiang venture as well as having initially helped his former wife Tory Burch develop her wildly popular fashion  brand. This is all to make sure everyone knows that Pookie and Louisa have a strong background in the fashion business even though pretty much nobody had ever heard of them before their label had appeared. Our shopper has few major complaints about Trademark, and is even pleased with the "extremely flattering" fit of the jeans and the distinctive look of the current collection,

For this season, Trademark is proposing a silhouette I’d describe as “modified French schoolgirl”: A-line on bottom, modest and crisp on top, accessorized with tights and a clear or black plastic headband: sort of as if A.P.C., the line of gamin basics by Jean Touitou, had a torrid affair with Talbots in its General Mills-owned prime and this was the happy result.

A bit of Euro-sportswear mixed with all-American classics sounds like a recipe for potential success. Given that this is a Burch-adjacent project, that is the likely goal, and it sounds like Trademark is off to a good start. 

Critical Shopper: Staying Within the Lines, Sister Style By Alexandra Jacobs (NYTimes)
Trademark 95 Grand Street between, Greene & Mercer Streets, SoHo


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