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Here's The Entire
Alexander Wang x H&M Lookbook
(And It Ain't Cheap)

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H&M is preparing for what might possibly be its most frenzied Designer Collaboration ever as its exclusive Alexander Wang collection launches on November 6th in select stores and online. Frankly, we are a little bit afraid of even attempting to visit the stores on that day, but at least we have plenty of time to plan ahead. You have seen the advertising images, and today, the entire collection has hit the internet by way of lookbook images all of which we have included in two separate galleries for women above and men below. We knew that it would be a special line of brand new items designed just for the Swedish retailer with an athletic theme, but unfortunately, the big surprise is that it is probably H&M's most expensively priced collaboration yet. Sure, there are tees and knits that run from just under $50 to around $99, but there are also pieces that run up to nearly $400, which is getting close to what regular Alexander Wang costs. We haven't seen the womnen's line itemized yet, but GQ has item shots of the men's collection which reveals that those cool high-top leather zip sneakers will be $299. Fast fashion prices? We don't think so. That great reflective down parka will be $349. Backpacks are checking in at $129 - $249. The zip sweatshirt with textured sleeves will be $349, and so on. Anyway, the stuff comes almost entirely in black and looks really cool. You can actually buy those boxing gloves ($59.95). There are a lot of logos, and if you want to wear a head elongating ski beanie ($29.95) that says "WANG" in big letters on it, then you may do so at your own risk. For us, it's a little on the nose, so to speak. Click the galleries, and decide for yourself.

Collaboration Anticipation: Alexander Wang Mixes Athletes With Models In His Campaign For H&M

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