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Today Is COS Day


Make Room On Your Sale Calendar For Alexander Wang & Michael Bastian

MBastianFW13There are two late breaking sales you may want to make some time for in the next few days; one big and one small.
Let's start small.
Not to diminish designer MICHAEL BASTIAN's importance (he is after all a Shophound favorite), but his own signature collection is indeed a small, independent operation, and as such, his West Chelsea showroom at 210 11th Avenue will be open on Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday offering samples and perhaps some overstock from his Fall 2014 collection and previous seasons. The discount can be counted on to be significant, but as Bastian's retail prices can be on the high side, think of your purchases as an investment in timeless style.

Now for the big.
AWANGss14After a day or two of rumors, ALEXANDER WANG is officially holding his first sample sale in a couple of seasons starting on Tuesday the 9th through Saturday the 13th at 151 Wooster Street in SoHo. Women's and Men's clothing and accessories from Fall 2013 through Spring 2014 are expected to be included as well as shoes. Will there be VIP shopping on the 8th? Who can say, but for those unfamiliar with Wang's sample sales, they often have customers waiting outside hours ahead of time to get the first crack at the merchandise.
Expect a madhouse, but if you are a Wang fan, you already knew that.

Hours, addresses and other details can be found in our SALE ROLL at left. Plan carefully.


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