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In case you haven't noticed, Target is going all in with plaid for fall throughout its stores. Most of its exclusive brands are adding capsule collections in all kinds of tartan, but the centerpiece of the promotion is an exclusive collaboration with contemporary designer Adam Lippes set to drop on September 27th.
The line encompasses women's apparel —including plus sized looks— menswear —for those who have missed the designer's erstwhile men's collections of years past— accessories, shoes, pet items and tabletop.
Rather than taking the typical root to the Scottish highlands for inspiration, Lippes cleverly started with buffalo plaids and then re-imagined them, blew them up and morphed them into abstract windowpane checks for his collection which nicely reflects his signature, deceptively sophisticated casual style. Take a look below at what to pick for next month's launch, and, as always, plan ahead. Lippes may not have the name recognition of a Missoni or even Lilly Pulitzer, but Target's designer collaborations are back on track after a dry spell, so be prepared.

  • AdamLippesTarget-1
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-1
  • AdamLippesTargetMen-1
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-2
  • AdamLippesTargetMen-2
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-3
  • AdamLippesTargetMen-3
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-4
  • AdamLippesTargetMen-4
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-5
  • AdamLippesTargetMen-5
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-6
  • AdamLippesTargetMen-6
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-7
  • AdamLippesTargetTable-16
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-8
  • AdamLippesTargetPets
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-9
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-10
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-11
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-12
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-13
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-14
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-15
  • AdamLippestargetWomen-16


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