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The Kent & Curwen Sale Is A Can't Miss For Erstwhile Simon Spurr Fans

Well it is turning out to be a bonanza of a sample sale week for stylish gentlemen of New York. We just heard about the KENT & CURWEN  sale a few days ago, and knowing that the British label just decided to abandon its revamp plans in favor of a completely new direction in collaboration with soccer legend David Beckham, we thought that this might be an interesting opportunity.
In fact, it's more like a fire sale.
For the past few seasons, Kent & Curwen has already been undergoing a revision under British born, New York based designer Simon Spurr, whose own much admired label collapsed after he was separated from it in 2012. Spurr's collections for Kent & Curwen showed him in fine form with all of his strengths as a designer on display; sleek tailoring, inventively engineered knitwear, and superlative outerwear. The brand and its owner were apparently so confident in his creative direction that they leased an expansive flagship boutique on Madison Avenue last year to show it off. The label found its way into Bloomingdale's and Sals Fifth Avenue, both stores who carried Spurr's label previously, and things seemed to be going well until, after barely a year in business, the Madison Avenue store quietly shuttered over the summer, and the label's Fall 2015 collection was mysteriously absent from any men's fashion week, only to be unveiled late in a muted presentation. It was not so much of a surprise, then, when the company announced its new Beckham partnership with great fanfare a couple of weeks ago indicating that Spurr had left the brand.
But back to the sale. We asked one of the Kent & Curwen staffers there if they were clearing out of the Spurr-designed product to make room for the new Beckham lines and she said that, in fact, the merchandise was actually meant to be stocked in the Madison Avenue store that no longer exists, so, for the most part, it is all Fall 2015 merchandise in classic Simon Spurr stye —and it is a all a bargain. We are talking $15 neckties and $60 sweaters —$90 for $500 - $600 cashmeres— and $1,500 suits for $395. We found boxes of soft cashmere scarves for $30 each. And there's tons of everything, including Leather outerwear for that retailed for up to $2,000 for a mere $395 —and few designers know their way around a leather jacket like Simon Spurr (a full price list is posted after the jump). There are stacks of dress shirts and racks of slim trousers, with more merchandise rolling in as we shopped.
The only drawback is that to enter the sale, one must go to Trump Tower.
Yes, that Trump Tower.
While we are loath to have anything to do with anything Trump or Trump-adjacent, it is worth braving the pink marble atrium. You will have to go through the attendant at the elevators just to the left of the building's Fifth Avenue entrance, and visitors will be personally escorted up to the 14th floor by a doorman, which, all things considered, is a perfectly reasonable security precaution at the moment. The sale is in a raw, recently gutted space that is divided into a small first room with casual items and accessories, and a larger back room full of tailored clothing, outerwear, shirts, ties and more of everything. Apparently the sale had been going on since this past Monday before we internet folk got wind of it, and it will continue on weekdays only through Friday the 9th, assuming that there is enough merchandise to keep it going. Even if you aren't a Simon Spurr fan, it is still a great opportunity to refresh you fall wardrobe with some smart, sophisticated clothes at a fraction of their retail price tags. Don't dawdle.

As usual, all details can be found in our SALE ROLL at left which is worth keeping an eye on these days as unexpected sales have been popping up all over the place.

See a price list after the jump





Simon Spurr has not left the brand....

Any update on further discounts for Friday aka last day and current inventory?

FALSE! Simon Spurr is not leaving Kent & Curwen! The store on Madison closed because the location wasn't appropriate for the demographic. They are looking to relocate to a space in SoHo.

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