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G-STAR Will Have A Live, In-Person Sample Sale Starting on July 15

Hi Shophounders. Remember us? We are still alive, here, momentarily waking from a deep sleep brought on, we think, by a witch or a disgruntled retail hag.
While we are waiting for a prince, or a frog or really anyone to come save us, we wanted to let you all know that the first in-person sample sale that we have heard of since the COVID-19 shutdown will be taking place at 260 Fifth Avenue on July 15th. That's just about 4 months since everything was cancelled.

The sale will be for G-Star RAW, and the prices look pretty darn low running from $10 for underwear up to about $100 for faux leather outerwear.

The 5-Day event starts at 10 AM on Wednesday and runs through Sunday the 19th. Don't forget your masks, and prepare for a possible wait to get in as crowd limits and social distancing will be enforced. This may be a pilot for the normally very busy people at 260SampleSale to see if it is feasible for them to resume their, by now, colossally backed up schedule of designer sales. There have been some online sales for folks to shop from home, but it is tough to replicate the experience of actually rummaging through those racks to find a hidden gem. So far, the folks at 260 have no other in-person sales on the schedule, so a lot may be riding on how smoothly and safely this one goes. See below for details after the jump, and happy shopping again.


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