Kanye West's Life Of Pablo Store Returns This Weekend

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Perhaps you camped out in line this past Spring to grab an exclusive piece of Kanye West's tour merchandise at his SoHo pop-up shop. If you didn't, you have a second chance this weekend, as West's Life of Pablo pop-up stores are not only returning to New York and L.A., but also to 19 other cities worldwide where fans will be able to buy exclusive 'Pablo' tour goods. As shown above, the NYC edition will be opening on Friday morning on the northern edge to TriBeCa at 393 Broadway between Walker and White Streets, easily accessible by the A,C and E trains and not far from the 1. Last spring, the New York shop reportedly grossed a cool $1 million over a single weekend of selling tees and jackets and hoodies along with a few special vintage pieces, so a larger scale return seems like a no-brainer. It also marks a major expansion the concept of selling tour goods somewhere outside the tour venues so they can be available to fans whether they have gotten to see the show or not. Justin Bieber has been selling tour merchandise from his latest tour in stores ranging from Barneys to Target, but leave it to Kanye to exert a bit more control and exclusivity over his tour shops. Other cities to be graced with a pop-up  include London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cape Town, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Portland, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Toronto. Don't confuse this with the Yeezy x Adidas stores that the designer is planning with the athletic wear giant for his newly reconceived fashion collection. That should be coming sometime next year, but in the meantime, brace yourself for some crowds just south of Canal Street this weekend. Find other pop-up store locations on West's website, where an interactive map will direct you to the nearest location.



Kanye West Is Having A Pop-Up Shop In SoHo Today Through Sunday

Here at The Shophound, we admit we have not been at the forefront of breathlessly covering the fashion comings and goings of celebrity vortex Kanye West, but it might be remiss of us not to pass along the intriguing information that he is holding a pop-up shop in SoHo starting today at 4 PM through Sunday on Wooster Street.
From the above tweet, it would seem that the shop is centered around his current, constantly changing album, The Life Of Pablo. It isn't the first time he has had album-related pop-up shops, but this particular release doesn't seem to be following any conventional formula. There's also the vague possibility that this is where he will release his Yeezy Season 2 collection, or at least some of it, since, as far as we can tell, it has not appeared at all in any retail stores despite his already having extravagantly shown a Season 3 line during New York Fashion Week last month. Or perhaps Season 2 will never come out since Adidas refused to produce the apparel items because they were too expensive. Who knows?
If you are a Kanye fan, then you will want to hightail it down to SoHo as soon as possible.
If you hate mob scenes, then you will know to steer clear of Wooster Street between Broome and Spring Streets this afternoon.


Gwyneth Goes Live At Columbus Circle's GOOP MRKT

For whatever reason, Gwyneth Paltrow has become one of those celebrities that "the internet" just loves to try to take down a peg or two. Is it just a result of being a successful flaxen-haired beauty who has an Oscar? Who knows, but when she started Goop, her email newsletter turned lifestyle enterprise, people really got their hackles up despite the venture's obvious success and warm reception among her actual fans. Paltrow has brought her business to another level today by opening Goop MRKT, a Holiday pop-up store at The Shops at Columbus Circle which will run through December 24th. This is her fourth Goop shop, but her first in Manhattan. We are sure that her band of critics will have their knives out, but, honestly, when The Shophound breezed by the shop earlier today, we couldn't find a great deal to criticize. The modestly sized shop neat the 58th Street entrance to the shopping center has been spruced up with a paint job, some judiciously applied moldings and a few eclectic chandeliers. While we will not exhaustively catalog the contents of the shop, we can say with confidence that if this is an expression of her personal style and favorite items, then the woman has some damned good taste.
There are three sections, with one each devoted to food, cosmetics and fragrances and fashion. The food section, which includes a cappuccino machine presumably installed to serve customers, features a combination of cookbooks, new items like Staub cast iron cookware and antique pieces like a particularly eye-catching set of green and white Bavarian chinaware in the window among other items. In the next section there are soaps, fragrances and other cosmetic items, but the main thrust of the store appears to be fashion and accessories, including an exclusive capsule collection of star-spangles separates inspired by Wonder Woman designed by Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri for Valentino. There are antique watches and jewelry items mixed in with brand new accessories, and the label roster includes labels like Nili Lotan, Carven and Stella McCartney to name a few. For a pop-up, it seems quite well merchandised, more like something that could sustain itself far longer than 31 days, perhaps indefinitely. Is it expensive? Sure, but so are about a thousand other stores in New York, so that's hardly much of a criticism. Really there was only one thing that we could find to criticize —that name, Goop MRKT
What? You're too good for vowels now, Gwyneth?

Goop MRKT through December 24th at 10 Columbus Circle at 58th Street, Upper West Side


Former JCPenney Spokesperson Ellen DeGeneres To Team Up With Bergdorf Goodman For Pop-Up Shops

EllenbyRozmanWWDSometimes it takes a while to find the right business associates.
It was just a few years ago that Ellen DeGeneres became the face of a radical makeover of mass market department store JCPenney. As we recall, it didn't go too well for anyone involved, but since then, Ellen has forged a new merchandising path with a more upscale lifestyle brand, ED by Ellen that launched online earlier this year. In a belated celebration of the new brand, the comedian turned talk-show-host turned designer will make a decidedly more luxurious statement by opening at the city's most opulent retailer, Bergdorf Goodman.
From labor day until the end of September, ED by Ellen Decorative Home will have its own in-store shop in Bergdorf's home furnishings department on the 7th floor. It will be the first time that any of DeGeneres's merchandise will be available to see and purchase in-person in a retail setting. Apparel offerings from the label will be available online at BergdorfGoodman.com, though they don't appear to be scheduled for an in-store appearance at the moment. While Ellen's pared down and casual style, as well as more accessible price points, might seem more suited to store with a broader customer base like Lord & Taylor or even Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman president Josh Schulman told WWD that her "amazing sense of style" will resonate with Bergdorf customers, elaborating, “we do a tremendous business with brands with a simple aesthetic, a refined, clean aesthetic and we believe this will be something fun for them.” Schulman calls the specially curated offerings "the elevated expression" of the brand. Apparel items will range from a $45 T-shirt to a  $1,495 hand-knit cashmere fisherman scarf, which seems priced well within Bergdorf's wheelhouse. In the home section, items will include barware and ceramic tableware and a handwoven cashmere throw going for $3750 among other selections. While the pop-ups are currently slated to be a one-time event, an ongoing partnership has not been ruled out depending on customers' respone to the new brand.

Ellen DeGeneres and Bergdorf Goodman Getting Together for Fashion Pop-up (WWD)


Wading Through Lauren Bacall's Vast Collection

In the picture above is a pile of Lauren Bacall's Louis Vuitton and Goyard luggage, which is, in fact just a small sampling of the extensive luggage collection belonging to the late actress. Over the weekend, potential auction buyers and movie fans streamed into Bonhams' Madison Avenue showroom to check out her stuff, and there was a lot of it. We aren't sure how much room she had in her apartment in the Dakota, but it seems apparent that she filled it to capacity. The walls were covered with framed pictures and surfaces were covered with any number of objects from African tribal figures to small sculptures from friends like Henry Moore and Robert Graham (the artist and late husband of Anjelica Huston, not the maker of colorful shirts). Combing through her possessions was less like entering Elizabeth Taylor's mind boggling vault of treasures at Christie's a couple of years ago, than examining the taste of a woman of great means who lived a big life with luxury, but not necessarily ostentation. There were some beautiful jewels including some fine Jean Schlumberger pieces, but compared to the rest of her stuff, it was a more smaller collection of more modestly scaled pieces as Hollywood glamor goes. Bacall was known to have a huge, spectacular wardrobe, most of which was reportedly donated to the Fashion Institute of Technology, which has its own, small Bacall centered exhibition running through this week. Bonhams still had a small sampling of clothes available from Bacall's favorite designers including an Yves Saint Laurent couture cape which looked like it came from his 70's heyday, a glittering black beaded Halston cardigan and two versions of a Jean Muir jumpsuit in different colors. Ever practical, she tended to favor sleek Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren pantsuits and sweaters for everyday, so the draw here is not so much the clothes and personal adornments, but all the rest of her home furnishings including an eclectic collection of antique furniture , mostly from Europe and Scandinavia and Asia. She was a fan of American quilts as well, and clearly favored more rustic antiques over sleek, modern style. Of the art, there was an abundance of smaller pieces, mostly prints and lithographs from Moore, Graham and others, and while she seemed to have few large, statement making paintings, she had a penchant for huge, framed antique posters. There was silver both decorative and practical including a damaged oil Hannukah menorah waiting to be purchased by a true fan. For the casual shopper looking for a souvenir, there were collections of books and less valuable knickknacks like bookends and whose main value may be that they belonged to a great star. At times, it seemed like Miss Bacall may have been amassing such items just so fans could one day get a piece of her possessions at a reasonable cost. And then there was all that luggage. At the center of it was a pair of Hartmann steamer trunks that appeared to date from the mid-century days when people of a certain class traveled with such things, but surrounding them were stacks of Vuitton and Goyard, and even a humble little Prada carry-on with wheels that made one wonder exactly how many suitcases one person —even a famous Hollywood star— could need to travel with at one time? Three, four, maybe five, but thirty? That's a mystery that only her family might be able to answer. For the rest of us stargazing shoppers, Lauren Bacall's collections will be Auctioned off tomorrow and Wednesday.

The Lauren Bacall Collection (Bonhams)


The CFDA Awards Adds Pharrell Williams As This Year's Fashion Icon

We aren't sure if an extended rollout or if it was a last-minute addition, but The CFDA announced today that Pharrell Williams would be receiving the Fashion Icon award this coming June 1st when the awards are presented at Alice Tully Hall. While Williams has certainly shown he is able to get attention for his style —people still can't stop talking about the famous Vivienne Westwood hat he wore an entire year ago— he has been in the fashion industry for years before his current musical renaissance. Aside from several collaborations including ongoing projects with Uniqlo and Adidas, He cofounded the fashion brands Billionaire Boys Club, Bee Line, BBC Black and Ice Cream. CFDA President Diane von Furstenberg said of the award, “If cool was a person, it would be Pharrell, not just for his looks and sense of style but for his kindness and openness. I cannot imagine anyone not seduced by him.” Look for him in a cool outfit at the awards ceremony, and, since it will be nearly Summer, bet on him wearing shorts.

Pharrell, 2015 Fashion Icon (CFDA Official Site)


Is Ellen DeGeneres Our Next Big Celebrity Megabrand?

Is Ellen the next Jessica Simpson, Martha Stewart or even Oprah?
According to today's WWD, she may well be.

In a major article and accompanying interview, Ellen DeGeneres announces a partnership with J. Christopher Burch's company Burch Creative Capital that will launch the E.D. brand (to be pronounced 'Ed') with a capsule collection this Holiday season. This is no licensing side project, but a enterprise meant to support the next phase of DeGeneres' career beyond the life of her comedy performance and the talk show to which she is contractually obligated for at least the next three years. Meant to be accessibly priced, it will be sold through third party retailers and, as of yet, there are no plans for freestanding stores like Burch's most prominent post-Tory Burch success, C. Wonder

Who knew that Ellen was such a tastemaker? Apparently, she has not only been an enormously successful house flipper over the years but also an obsessive design fan who is expected to be instrumental in directing product development of the home and garden items, men's and women's clothing and accessories and pet products that are slated to form the initial core of the brand. The Holiday season launch will consist mainly of gift items and will be in partnership with a yet to be announced major online retail partner (Amazon? Macy's?). The main product line debuts will be for Spring 2015, which is when the real test will begin. That is when we will find out if Degeneres has the kind of fashion credibility outside of the entertainment sector needed to drive such an ambitious enterprise. Her androgynous personal style is deceptively sophisticated, and DeGeneres has a cosmetics contract with Cover Girl that often plays on the contrast between her no-frills look by pairing her with fellow Cover Girl Sofia Vergara to comic effect in advertisements. Even in her '90s sitcom days, however, she was often decked out in designer labels like Dries Van Noten's menswear lines, and her recent Academy Awards tuxedos were custom made by Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent but but she is not known as the kind of glamorous style icon that makes fashion headlines. Perhaps we have been defining that role too narrowly. She has developed a devoted following for her TV show by not only focusing on the obvious, glittery celebrity guests but also turning attention to (and often making new celebrities out of) everyday folks and homemade viral videos. It could be her populist touch that could make the difference between real success and being just another celebrity marketing flameout. While she has been low-key about her longtime interest in design up until now, she is not shy about her ambitions for her nascent brand. “They say we’re going to be on another planet soon, right?” DeGeneres tells WWD. “I’m going to be the first brand on that planet.”
She probably shouldn't be underestimated.

Ellen's Next Gig: Lifestyle Guru (WWD)


David Beckham Is Looking Tough
In His Next H&M Campaign

Leave it to the clever folks at H&M to know that a slow, steamy, muggy Summer day is the perfect time to release the images from the next David Beckham Bodywear campaign. It's not that any day isn't a good day to release pictures of Beckham in his underwear, but just as the U.S. has exited the World Cup competition, it is not a bad idea to turn our attention to another celebrated footballer who has move on to other endeavors that still allow him to show off his legs and torso. This season, Becks is looking a little angrier than usual, with his mussed up hair and five-day stubble. You may not want to bother him this season, just get your underpants and be on your way. The new collection hits H&M stores on August 21, and includes new patterns and colors like blue check that folks seem to be very excited about. By then, you should also be able to find the collection at the new H&M flagship on Fifth Avenue, but we are likely to have more to say about that store when it opens in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, have a look at the campaign and a few behind-the-scenes shots in the gallery below.  

  • BeckhamFW14-B
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  • BeckhamFW14-J
  • BeckhamFW14-D
  • BeckhamFW14-E
  • BeckhamFW14-F
  • BeckhamFW14-G
  • BeckhamFW14-H


Nordstrom Sets Up Shop For Sarah Jessica Parker's SJP Shoes In SoHo

Don't be fooled by those Nordstrom banners that have appeared outside the old Tommy Hilfiger store on West Broadway. We still have a few more years to wait for a proper, permanent Nordstrom store. They are only there for the Pop-up shop being staged to launch Sarah Jessica Parker's SJP shoe collection this weekend. Tomorrow through Sunday will be the only opportunity to buy the collection in person  in New York City as it will be otherwise available only at selected Nordstrom stores and Nordstrom.com. We had mistakenly thought that the chain would re-purpose its former Treasure & Bond space for the event a few steps downtown, but the former Hilfiger space, yet another store in SoHo that can't seem to find a permanent resident, will serve as a more polished, higher profile venue for the fleeting shop that pretty much everyone is expecting to be mobbed for the duration. We got a bit of a peek inside (through the window) to see the shop pretty much set up and ready for business. It appears that there will be a few apparel and accessory options available to complement the SJP shoes, if that rack of trench coats is any indication. Our friends at Racked have ascertained that Parker herself will be making her appearances at the store on Friday at 10am, Saturday at 3pm, and Sunday at 11am which is essential information if you either want to make sure you get a chance to see the Actress/Designer/Perfumer herself, or are a terribly blasé New Yorker who couln't care less about seeing celebrities and wants to avoid the most frenzied shopping times.

Have a look at the gallery below for a few more views including store hours and a peek inside.

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Pop-Up Store by Nordstrom runs from February 28 through March 2 at 372 West Broadway at Broome Street, SoHo
Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoe Line SJP Gets A 3-Day Pop-Up

  • SJP-Nordstrom-Inside
  • SJP-Nordstrom-Hours
  • SJP-Nordstrom-Ext


Zooey Deschanel Enters The Celebrity Fashion Fray With Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy-zooey04Expect to see a lot of blue doe eyes under a heavy raven-haired fringe on bus shelters and subway ads this Spring as Tommy Hilfiger launches a collaboration capsule collection with actress Zooey Deschanel called To Tommy From Zooey.The first pieces of the 16-piece dress collection will arrive at Macy's stores (where Hilfiger has an exclusive agreement) on April 14th, and then a week later at the designer's own stores and on Tommy.com. Few actresses have as well defined of a personal style as the "New Girl" star. Her own vintage styles with a mod, 1960s flair inspire the line (see sketch at right). “I am a fashion fanatic, and I am always looking for new ways to incorporate vintage, feminine pieces into my own wardrobe,” the actress has officially stated. For his part, Tommy calls Deschanel, "very bright and very funny, and really down to earth, the girl next door. At the same time, she has a Jackie O type of chicness to her.” You won't have to be Jackie O to buy the collection, however, which will retail from $98 to $199. Both parties are mum on whether this will be a one-shot deal or an ongoing collaboration, but after a mini-media blitz including print, digital and outdoor advertising, we should how well Deschanel's signature, whimsical style translates into fashion. Have a look at some of Carter Smith's advertising images in the gallery below.

Zooey Deschanel Teams With Tommy Hilfiger (WWD)

  • Tommy-zooey02
  • Tommy-zooey01
  • Tommy-zooey03