The Dreaded Computer Issues

Sadly, The Shophound has fallen victim to something every blogger faces at some point, the dreaded computer troubles. Yes, our trusty, loyal iBook (let's call him Fido) has been ailing of late. Though he is of advanced age, (five and a half, which is like ninety in computer years) he always managed to pull though for us when we needed him, but now, amid discussions about hard drive wipes, logic boards and operating system re-installations, poor Fido has fallen into some sort of computer coma, and there's talk of surgery or possibly euthanasia. We promise to get back to regular posting as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy the early summer weather, or perhaps browse our archives for some of the exciting stories of the past year you might have missed.
And, please, pray for Fido.

Belated Advertiser Valentines

We must extend roses and a box of chocolates to the fine advertisers who help keep The Shophound shopping. Click early and often!

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