Tom Ford Can't Keep His Clothes On

Fordout We thought that after his last fragrance campaign he had finally left the disrobing to others.
In the upcoming issue of OUT, (probably NSFW) Ford once again appears in the altogether in a boxing themed photo spread by his favorite pervy photographer, Terry Richardson.
Why, why, why must he persist in doing this?
It's so unseemly.
Is he in some kind of competition with Marc Jacobs who has recently appeared on the covers of both OUT and Arena Homme Plus showing off his newly sculpted torso?
Marcjacobs_arena_hommeWe are chalking it up to some sort of fashion designer mid-life crisis; an exhibitionist urge pioneered by Calvin Klein in the mid 1980s though he thankfully never took it to such extremes.
People, please, stop the insanity before John Galliano thinks he has to get in on the act!
OUT (preview includes NSFW uncensored images. You have been warned)
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Photo by Terry Richardson for OUT 

Tom Ford: Why Doesn't He Just Start a Porn Company Already?

Tomford2 Tom Ford tells WWD today that he has switched direction for the launch of his Tom Ford for Men Fragrance later this fall. A more demure campaign by Marilyn Minter has been ditched in favor of a series of photos from pervy photograher Terry Richardson. As you can see from the scan pictured at right, Ford's new direction is 1970s Penthouse magazine cover. Reportedly among the other images chosen was one in which the fragrance bottle is strategically placed between a womans's thighs,  just covering her genitalia.
The last time Ford was so inspired was his campaign for the Yves Saint Laurent men's fragrance M7 featuring a full frontal image of a nude man which nearly every American magazine rejected.
This change in direction is notable particularly because Ford told the same publication last June in, reference to this campaign, that nudity in advertising was a tired concept,

"I think we're living for a moment where maybe we saw so much nudity, at least in the press and magazines, that it doesn't seem the freshest solution; it almost seems too easy right now as a solution for advertising to get someone's attention," he said at the time. "So whenever everything tightens up again, of course, all of a sudden it's going to seem interesting and surprising to see someone nude again."

This is from someone who chose the models for his sunglass line launch from the porn world. Apparently, the easy solution is right again, but at some point, are Ford's dirty-old-man sensibilities going to start reflecting poorly on the international luxury brand he is working so hard to build?
Well, probably not.
Memo Pad: Tom Totally Nude - Again (WWD)

Tom Ford in 2008: Bergdorf's and Beyond

215articleimageWe'll still say he has put the cart the horse in so many ways, but Tom Ford has spelled out his plan for global domination expansion in DNR, and it includes among other things, a rollout of more freestanding and in-store shops starting with a dedicated boutique within Bergdorf Goodman's men's store and select Neiman Marcus locations starting in Spring 2008. Having built the lavish showplace flagship boutique, Ford and business partner former Gucci Chief Domenico De Sole are now planting the seeds for the immense luxury machine needed to support it, and let's hope they grow fast. The plan includes 100 wholly owned or franchised stores throughout the western (and eastern) world within 10 years, and the company has signed up a series of partners to take the brand to nearly every corner of globe. Bergdorf's may be one of the few stores that already matches Ford's opulent level of presentation, but we wonder how even their well trained staff will take to hanging all the merchandise behind glass cabinets. It still remains to be seen just how, in De Sole's words, "first true luxury brand of the 21st century” will be built only on menswear. Ford continues to hedge when asked when women's lines will be introduced, but to paraphrase James Carville, "It's about the handbags and shoes, stupid!" Now, when will we see those?
BREAKING NEWS: Tom Ford Set for Global Rollout (DNR)

TV Fashion Watch: Martha Meets Tom Ford & Donna Karan

Tomford1 Donnakaran1_2Martha Stewart is having two designers who looooove to talk on her show this week so set your TiVos. Tuesday morning, Tom Ford will be making Grandma Ford's pecan pralines with Martha as well as showing off his new men's collection. Ford is also the topic of a large profile by Vanessa Grigoriadis in this week's New York Magazine, where in addition to his usual smarmy dirty-talk, he admits to being a little stung by some of the press response to his new store, particularly The New York Times' Critical Shopper,

“It was a nasty article, and I was upset, of course,” says Ford. “Though, honestly, with something like a secret shopper, how do I even know for sure the man came into the store? But I will do better.” He sighs. “Maybe people who have known me as innovating in terms of silhouette or fashion are irritated in a way that I’ve chosen to play a different game, and not their game. We are running a business that’s not for everyone, and I’m not trying to be an asshole, but some people can’t afford it and maybe there is a sort of resentment about that.”

Or maybe the store is just oppressively pretentious.
It's always entertaining to watch a bloated ego in defense, and we could go on and on about what's wrong with the store, (well, we already have) but why bother? It's like complaining about Paris Hilton. Star power seems to win out in the end, and we will certainly be watching Martha tomorrow.
That's not all for La Stewart this week. Don't touch that dial because on Thursday she has a power-diva summit scheduled with Donna Karan. No word yet on what she has planned for the raw-food devotée, but we would expect some sort of fashion show as well. In any event, we imagine this collision of larger than life personalities would have to be entertaining on some level.
Tom Ford After Sex by Vanessa Grigoriadis (NYMag)
The Martha Stewart Show (Official Site)

Horacio Goes Shopping: Uptown Pretension Edition

Horacio Silva takes the Critical Shopper reins today, and manages to free himself from his downtown comfort zone, focusing on a store we knew The Thursday Styles would have to hit sometime soon, the Tom Ford boutique. Not surprisingly, his reaction was exactly the same as ours, that the store is trying so hard to be luxurious and opulent that it winds up being exclusionary and affected. The Shophound happened to revisit the store a few days ago after our sneak preview of the new Asprey (officially opening today) to see if their service had warmed up after the tumult of their opening, but, sadly, our experience matched Horacio's. Nobody greeted us except for the doorman..and that's his job! We were again virtually ignored as we wandered through the rooms on the right side of the store, examined several shoes and even sampled the fragrances. You know the service is sorely lacking if nobody bothers you at a perfume counter. There was business being done. We must report at least two other customers actively buying at midday on Tuesday, but there was still plenty of staff available to help us. We were only approached in the salon to the left of the entrance when we reached into the one glass cabinet that happened to be left open so we could get a closer look at a suit . When we said that we were just looking, the relieved salesperson didn't attempt to engage us further in any way at all, or even bother to introduce himself in case we would need assistance later. So far, no improvement at Tom Ford, especially in contrast to the warm reception we received at Asprey.

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Welcome to the Tom Ford Show...Please Ask For Assistance


Tom Ford's long awaited showplace is finally open amid a flurry of gushing press and more than a little delay (it was supposed to open last fall). We won't speculate whether or not today's driving rainstorm is an omen or simply unfortunate, but now that the store has opened its doors, The Shophound has gone right in, wet shoes and all.
Ford has made a big deal about how he couldn't find any clothes to wear after leaving Gucci, and resorted to custom tailoring on London's Savile Row to supply his wardrobe needs. Surprised at the spartan shops and lack of pampering he found, the designer decided to improve on the experience and apply his own sense of luxury and showmanship to the upper echelons of menswear. In fact, shoes and leathergoods are stamped with the store's full address, much like a traditional English maker would have done. While we wouldn't dare second guess the man who turned Gucci into the most important label in the world, we can't help wondering if he has overcompensated just a bit and defeated his own purpose in the process. Is it opulent? Oh yes. Modern? Well...that may be another story.

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Monday Fashion News: Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren and...Pete Wentz?

Bigpetewentz_1How Rock & Roll has changed. Is it possible to be a musician without a clothing line? Fall Out Boy bassist and general attention magnet Pete Wentz is the latest MySpace generation star to stake a claim to the fashion spotlight. DKNY Jeans has formed a partnership with the 27 year old star to launch Clandestine Industries for DKNY Jeans. Wentz started the Clandestine line last year, and the DKNY line aimed at junior customers will hit department store sales floors in time for back-to-school shopping.
DKNY Jeans Falls in With Pete Wentz (WWD)

Ralphlauren_1 Will Ralph Lauren give up his collection of vintage Rolexes and Panerais? Today it was announced that Polo Ralph Lauren and Compagnie Financiere Richemont, parent of Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chloé among other luxury brands, have jointly formed The Polo Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewellery Company S.A.R.L. which will design and manufacture luxury timepieces and precious jewelry for Ralph Lauren Stores and select retail partners. Lauren has dabbled in fashion jewelry in the past, and many of his boutiques have long carried vintage jewels and fine watches, but this is the first time he has put his brand on precious jewelry on a large scale, and if a luxury conglomerate like Richemont is getting involved, you can bet it is expected to grow  into a substantial business. those with good memories will recall that nearly 30 years ago, Lauren briefly designed a collection for Tiffany & Co., but since then has mostly relied on antique pieces or vintage Southwestern silver to accesorize his collections over the years.

Tomford_1 Mark your calendars for Thursday April 12. that's the day Tom Ford has chosen to finally open the doors of his long awaited boutique at 845 Madison Avenue. The store will sell Ford's new fragrance line as well as debut his signature men's collection which was originally supposed to launch las fall, but was pushed back. You can't rush perfection, or at least not a perfectionist. Ford has been busy lately getting his new collections out, but apparently not too busy to scold Victoria Beckham on her substandard flight wear.
Victoria Beckham Uncomfortably Intimidated by Tom Ford (Fametastic)

Make Way For Tom Ford


It was originally supposed to be open already, but Tom Ford is getting ready to open his first eponymous boutique at Madison & 70th Street, in Gianfranco Ferré's old  boutique space. It will be primarily devoted to menswear though it will presumably also feature the eyewear collection that's currently available as well as the Black Orchid fragrance in it's not-at-all-phallic bottle. The men's collection will be exclusive to the store for a full year, and Ford has announced that there will be no women's apparel line until he has completed his first film. While he supposedly has a project in the works, knowing Hollywood,  it could be, uh, a while. Our guess is that at least some of the men's line will be available in very small sizes à la Dior Homme.
For a designer who has made efforts to distance himself from his unhappy split with his former labels, he hasn't had the greatest luck locationwise. The new store will be half a block away from Gucci and on the same block as Yves Saint Laurent. It only goes to show that when it comes to prime Madison Avenue real estate, you can't afford to be so picky.

Tom Ford 845 Madison Avenue, Manhattan
opening Spring 2007

Tom Ford Goes Live

TomfordInching his way back into business, Tom Ford has finally launched his eponymous website. So far the flash-heavy site features his first signature fragrance, the about-to-launch Black Orchid and its not-at-all-phallic bottle, and his eyewear collection. Men's apparel will appear next spring, and eventually an online boutique will be a part of the mix.
Strangely, there is no mention of the many film projects Ford is supposed to be developing.

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Housing Works Spotlights Tom Ford

95gucciHousing Works Thrift Shops has saved up all their Gucci for three nights of shopping devoted to Tom Ford-era goods. While not quite old enough to be called "vintage" (not that it stops anyone) Ford's Gucci designs are already in demand by collectors. The first night is tonight, September 7 from 5 to 8 PM at the main Chelsea branch. The sale continues on the Upper West Side on Tuesday the 12th, and concluding on Thursday the 14th at the East 23rd street location. In addition, an online auction will take place for eight evening gowns currently on display in the Chelsea shop's windows. That event closes on the 13th. Most of the clothes have been donated by Gucci, so it has the makings of quite a sample sale. The thrift shops benefit Housing Works, a non-profit organization benefiting New York residents living with HIV/AIDS.

Housing Works Thrift Shops Gucci Sale
Thursday 9/7   143 West 17th Street
Tuesday 9/12   306 Columbus Avenue
Thursday 9/14   157 East 23rd Street